The Brands and Styles We Offer

>The Brands and Styles We Offer

Good taste is entirely subjective, of course, but there are some things that do tend to be consistent between one well designed home and another. One of these things is harmony. Rooms that are well designed tend to flow very well and tend to create a sense of relaxation when you are in them. Harmony starts by tying all of the different elements in a room together so that they work toward a common end. Your window treatments play a huge part in how well your room looks.


Window treatments that employ fabrics are, of course, among the most popular options available. Draperies, for instance, have a timeless beauty that, when the right fabric is selected, tend to make a room feel very classy and refined.<!more>

At the same time that draperies are huge parts of the look of the room, there are more subtle elements to window coverings that go along with them. For example, roller shades are quite often used along with draperies, providing a way to filter out sunlight without actually closing off the room to light altogether. When you are selecting roller shades, make certain that the color of the shades goes along well with the drapery color. This creates a sense of harmony. Your shades and draperies, of course, should both be selected so that their color goes along well with the paint in the room.


Sometimes, you’ll want to give a room a particular theme. For instance, if you are going for a classic and stately look, window shutters are excellent options. They provide a way for you to filter light out of the room very effectively and, at the same time, they can be opened up all the way, allowing light to flood into the room while retaining their great looks.

Even though you may be able to invoke a classic sense of style using shutters, today’s shutters are manufactured in ways that make them very low maintenance and very durable. This means that you get the best of both worlds, in essence, as you get a classic look made with modern materials that will hold up for many years.

Modern Feel

Horizontal and vertical blinds can both impart a modern look to a room, and also present options in terms of how you want your window to function. Vertical blinds are excellent when you want to leave the window covering in place, but still let in plenty of sunlight to warm up the room and to make the environment more cheery. If you want to remove the window covering from the window so that sunlight flows through unobstructed, Cellular Shades and Roller Shades are excellent, as they can be easily raised up to allow light to flood in and open up the view.

Remember that you can use window coverings in creative ways to provide practical benefits, as well as design benefits. For example, having horizontal blinds on a window, covered by fabric curtains and privacy curtains allows you to open up the blinds while leaving the privacy curtains in place. This way, you get all of the sunlight you would want but people cannot see inside. When you want total privacy, you can adjust the horizontal blinds downward, close the curtains and create a very sealed off space from the outside world.

WINDOW-OLOGY is a nationwide retailer. We have a special interest in the satisfaction of our customers and we also offer a variety of selections. Because of that, at any of our locations, you’ll find plenty of ways that you can customize the look and feel of your room with the right window dressings.


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