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There are many styles and textures of Vertical Blinds Vertical Blinds can be customized with Fabric, Vinyl and Textures. They are a great choice for large expanses and have virtually no limit to their height and width.

Vertical blinds offer a unique perspective to your windows. When opened, vertical blinds can be stacked tightly to the side allowing you to take full advantage of your view. When closed, these window treatments offer light control by effectively block incoming light for sleeping and a higher level of privacy.

Why Vertical Blinds –

  • A heavy-duty head rail system keeps vanes permanently aligned and provides smooth traversing and quiet operation for years to come.
  • Vinyl vertical blinds are highly durable and can withstand strong heat, direct sunlight, and high humidity.
  • These window coverings are available in a beautiful array of vinyl patterns, from basic curved to deeply embossed styles, in hundreds of colors, including many S-shaped styles.
  • S-shaped vanes provide improved room darkening and combine the look of soft drapery with the durability of vinyl.
  • Fabric vertical blinds are available a wide variety of colors and weaves that add texture to your rooms.
  • Vertical blinds are an ideal choice for single sliding glass doors, as well as rooms with large windows.
    Great for Child Safety with optional cordless wand controls are available to help protect children and pets from injury.

Vertical blinds are an ideal choice for living rooms and bedrooms with sliding, French, or single glass doors, as well as rooms with large windows.

  • Light Control -Vertical blinds rotate 180º allowing you to have a view without the direct, blinding rays of the sun. Verticals also traverse to the side like draperies for a full view.
  • Temperature Control -Due to their versatility in light control, verticals aid in lowering energy costs in summer and winter alike. The use of groove inserts can amplify your energy savings even more.
  • Light-Filtering -Nothing compares to the true beauty of sunlight as it gently filters through one of the many available light-filtering fabrics. This also reduces glare and provides general privacy.
  • Room-Darkening These products can reduce the amount of light entering the room and creates s semi-darkened room. A few fabrics, some with a laminated backing, provide complete room-darkening and provide privacy for spaces such as bedroom and bath.
  • Special Groove Insert Applications, the groove is a vinyl vertical louver with channels on both edges. This allows you to slip in vertical fabric to cover one side. Specifying a groove insert will give you the elegance of a fabric surface with added elements of room-darkening and temperature control.

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