Why Vertical Alternatives?

When you are looking for something different from vertical blinds for that large sliding door or wall divider. Explore your options: Explore our variety of alternatives to vertical blinds:

  • Vertical cellular shades are available in the same soft luxurious cell sizes, fabrics, colors, and opacities as horizontal cellular shades, and offer the same energy saving benefits.
  • Vertical cellular shades unique orientation of cellular fabric works well for wider windows and patio doors.
  • Sheer vertical blinds delicately filter incoming sunshine to create an inviting ambiance, instantly transforming your windows into the perfect view.
    Panel Tracks – a modern alternative to vertical blinds or drapery, roller shade panels slide easily and stack neatly together. They’re available in most Roller and Solar Shade materials. They can be great for room dividers as well.
  • Sliding panel track blinds are oversized panels cover even the widest of windows with varying widths and consistent overlapping. They can also be used as closet doors and room dividers, the modern alternative to heavy draperies or basic Vertical Blinds.
  • Roller shades on panel tracks come in dozens of screen styles colors and with varying amounts of thickness for your ideal light setting and UV protection.
  • Woven wood blinds on panel tracks or Roll shade are eco-friendly selections, offered in a nice variety of natural woven grass styles with unique patterns and warm, rich tones. Woven wood natural drapes are truly unique, crafted from a range of organic materials in neutral colors, textures and styles that add a soft natural beauty to any home.
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