Wood blinds are the classic covering that has been around for years. They can create a classic or Modern feel and style to any room and can help complete the look you’re searching for. Wood blinds come in a variety of colors from white to red to classic wood tones and everything in between. Wood blinds can create a warm feel throughout your home.

Why Custom Wood Blinds:

•    Available in a variety of colors, styles, stains and finishes. Wooden blinds can also be custom color-matched to your existing wood trim and furnishings.
•    Our wooden blinds come in 1″ to 2 ½” slat sizes to custom fit a variety of windows throughout your house.
•    In their closed position, they are an energy saving window treatment blocking UV rays and reducing solar heat gain.
•    Decorative cloth tapes are recommended for adding an extra special touch. We also offer decorative cornice boxes to take your interior design to the next level.
•    We offer a variety of valance options including standard, traditional, decorative and contemporary styles.
•    Made of 100% North American hardwoods from certified and domestic forests; these ecofriendly blinds make living areas feel warm and inviting while helping preserve the environment.

In addition to their stylish and eco-conscious features, wood window blinds are also available with routless features for greater light blocking and privacy assurance. Motorization can also be added to provide extra convenience.
Wood blinds that will perfectly match your personality, style, and budget. With help from our team of in-home style consultants, you can truly add character, color, and warmth with the perfect set of wooden blinds.
Custom for All Window Sizes – We know and understand that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to window treatments. You need blinds that perfectly fit your windows to ensure maximum privacy and light control. Whether you have a large skylight or a small window in your laundry room, our consultant will help you create a custom window treatment. They will even bring you samples and swatches so that you can see what your wood blinds will look like before you even make the purchase.

Wide Selection to Choose From – We have a huge selection of wood blinds in various, colors, styles, wood types, and stains to perfectly match your furniture, accessories, and existing wood trim. We also offer wood shutters, and you can combine your wood blinds with drapes and other accents to create the perfect window treatment. You can even upgrade your wood blinds using a motorized system.

Real Wood Blinds vs. Faux Wood Blinds

Real wood and faux wood look the same, offering the same textures and designs, but they have their distinct differences.
Benefits of Real Wood Blinds – Real wood blinds are made completely of natural wood, usually North American hardwood. Real wood offers a warm, organic feel to your home that is difficult to replicate with any other material. Wood blinds can imbue an entire room with a sense of refinement and sophistication. While it does require some special care, wood can only improve with age, offering a special patina that cannot be duplicated.
Wood is light and durable, lasting your home’s lifespan with the right care Wood blinds can provide excellent insulation to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. Wood also effectively blocks sunlight to prevent damage to your indoors and provides privacy.

Benefits of Natural Wood Blinds

Natural wood blinds offer a wide range of benefits beyond the aesthetic they bring and their general versatility.
Light Control – Light control is the main function of blinds. Wood blinds offer effective control of light by blocking harmful UV rays that can harm you and cause damage to your interiors. Tilting, raising, and lowering the blinds allows you to let in as much light as you want. Budget Blinds can also install a motorized system for precise light control with a wireless switch or through your smartphone or tablet.
Energy Saving – In their closed position, wood blinds offer superior energy saving attributes. They can effectively insulate your home, keeping you comfortable throughout the season. Wood blinds also eliminate solar heat gain, which saves you money on your air conditioning bill and helps the environment.
Eco-Friendly – While cutting wood for blinds might seem wasteful, the wood used in our blinds is obtained through sustainable yield forest management procedures. This means that the amount of wood that is cut down is significantly less than the amount of trees that are grown, preventing deforestation and reducing carbon emissions from processing.

Why Faux / Composite Wood Blinds

Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds – Faux wood blinds are either made entirely of a composite material or PVC or comprise a wood core coated in a synthetic polymer. These synthetic materials give the slats in faux wood blinds greater durability than natural wood, which can warp, fade, or crack given too much sunlight or moisture. Faux wood blinds have a much higher moisture resistance, making them much better suited for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other areas of the home that may experience high humidity. Faux wood is also better in areas of your home that see high foot traffic and in homes with more adventurous kids.
Many homeowners prefer faux wood blinds for their more affordable price and their easy maintenance. Where wood blinds require more special care to prevent scratches or damage, faux wood blinds can be easily cleaned with water and basic cleaners. However, some faux wood blinds can be heavier than their real wood counterparts.

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