Mother Nature is the designer, made from 100% organic materials, woven wood shades are environmentally friendly window treatments and completely recyclable. Woven shades are no longer limited to just bamboo or wood. Woven Wood shades are made of soft fibers like hemp, jute, kenaf and flax that bring a new level of softness, elegance and simple, natural beauty to your home.

Why Woven Woods?

  • Enjoy the many benefits of eco-friendly woven wood shades: ‘
  • Made from renewable resources like bamboo, jute, hemp, and flax these “green” eco-friendly window treatments add an organic appeal to your home.
  • Paired with a liner, they block out harmful UV rays when completely lowered, which extends the life of your furnishings. these semi-transparent window shades can be paired with a blackout liner, making them perfect bedroom window coverings
  • Woven wood shades are available in a multitude of colors –
    Window-ology offers a wider color palette for your windows, including vibrant blue, reds, or greens!
  • Motorization can be added to your window shades for additional safety and convenience.
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