Spring Cleaning Tips and Money Savers

>Spring Cleaning Tips and Money Savers

With spring just around the corner, you are probably daydreaming about the first day that you can fling open a window and allow the fresh and seasonable air to really clean out a room. To give yourself a taste of this upcoming pleasure, why not head to those same windows now and enjoy the view. Wait…the windows are too dingy or dirty to see through? If so, you are like millions of others who are going to have to get started on spring cleaning before the good weather actually arrives.

Never fear…we have a nice array of spring cleaning tips and money savers, and will put an emphasis on windows since they are the one feature of your home that you know you will put to use soon.<!more>

Take a Look Outdoors

Let’s start with a brief discussion about window glass as this is the primary factor between a clear view and good light or a lousy view and foggy panes. The quickest remedy is to head to your nearest dollar store and invest in a small squeegee. Then use warm water with several drops of dish soap to wet the glass. Squeegee this away and enjoy the view. You could also go the “classic” route of white vinegar and newspaper – just spray the vinegar on the glass and rub until dry with the newspaper. Either method leaves a streak free finish.

The Pretty Frame

Of course, if you are like many other people, you probably have window dressings to decorate the interior areas around your windows. These too need spring cleaning, and this process can be made easier by choosing the ideal window treatments.

For more than twenty years, the people at WINDOW-OLOGY have been helping home and property owners to choose the best window coverings and products to suit their needs – including low maintenance choices!

With WINDOW-OLOGY window treatments you don’t just go online and punch in an order. Instead, the firm uses franchises to ensure that any customer can have someone give them in-home services from start to finish. Here is what we mean:

You contact WINDOW-OLOGY for shades. They send out their expert to take the ideal measurements, consult with you about the best choices, and take the order. When it has arrived, the same professionals will come to your home or office and install the new WINDOW-OLOGY window treatments to your specifications.

This would be a great way to get advice about easy to maintain window coverings that also look good and perform optimally.

Reasons to Choose WINDOW-OLOGY Shades and Treatments

Consider the following scenario – a homeowner has some unattractive and outdated blinds in their home, particularly because they gather a lot of dust in their location and need cleaning more than three times each year. This homeowner can contact WINDOW-OLOGY for a consult and visit. The WINDOW-OLOGY professional can talk with the homeowner about the problems and recommend everything from vertical blinds to different kinds of shades. They could measure, show color samples, and ensure the customer’s satisfaction.

If you are looking to cut down on the time spent doing spring cleaning of windows and window coverings, consider giving WINDOW-OLOGY a call. Whether you want a less dusty alternative or you are just looking to spruce up your interiors in time for the warmer weather, they have every option imaginable.

Don’t live with windows that block or ruin the view when you can get in touch with a WINDOW-OLOGY representative today.


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