We recommend that you use an ordinary soft dusting cloth to clean your blind. Vacuuming is also a good way to clean your blind.

The surface of the slats on your blind is quite smooth and dust will easily brush off if your blinds are dusted regularly. Making time for dusting now can save you a lot of time and money later!

To Vacuum

Use the brush dust head attachment and tilt slats first up, then down (but not entirely closed) to reach the entire top and bottom surfaces.

To Dust

Use a soft clean cloth or chemically treated dust cloth and tilt the slats as above.

To Wash

If you have PVC or aluminum blinds, you can use a damp cloth or sponge and mild detergent mixed with warm water and make sure to protect your floor or windowsill from excess water. Tilt the slats and wipe the slats of your blind clean.

You can also take your PVC or aluminum blind down, place it in a tub of mild soapy water, then rinse it clean and wipe it dry. Make sure you do this when you can allow your blind to dry completely in the open air.

Professional Cleaning

While you’ll only need to do this occasionally, ultrasonic cleaning will get your blinds beautifully clean.