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4 Reasons to Get a Motorized Retractable Patio Awning

Retractable patio and backyard awnings come with a lot of benefits. At Window-ology, we are an authorized dealer for both SunSetter Awnings and KE Outdoor designs. Both brands offer awnings that are motorized and retractable, with a host of other accessories and features.

Summer is just around the corner (and let's be honest, almost every day can be considered summer in California.) If you are considering an awning, here are several reasons why it might be a good idea for you.

A free-standing awning provides shade and respite from the heat for the patio chairs in its shadow. Loungers can enjoy the expansive view of Napa Valley below.

Keep Cool Outside

Awnings provide relief from the direct sun. Just extend it to your liking (either by remote for motorized models, or use the easy hand crank) and voila! Pull out your lawn chair and a book (or binge an entire season of Bridgerton, we won't judge), and you can enjoy a summer afternoon without being cooked like a hamburger.

Benefit from Indirect Interior Shade

When you extend your awning, it will also shade the inside of you home, if mounted above windows. By blocking the sun, you can keep your home cooler and maybe cut down on the air conditioning bill. Additionally, you'll protect your furniture and floors from fading as quickly as if they received direct sunlight everyday.

The sunset shines on two awnings mounted to the back of a two-story home. The lower awning casts shade on the patio, while the upper one is mounted to the roof and protects the second-story balcony from the sun's rays.

Protect Your Pets

Window-ology has served pet owners who have purchased awnings not for themselves, but to protect their pets from the heat. If your dog, cat, or other animal companion keeps a little home outside of yours, mounting an awning over their living space can keep them safe from excessive heat. Just make sure the kennel or home is in close proximity to the wall of your home to which we will mount the awning.

Get Outside During the Pandemic

Since we're in COVID times, you probably haven't gotten out much except to go to the grocery store. (But, with all the grocery delivery services, maybe you've barely left at all.) An awning can take the comfort of your home and extend it to the outdoors. You may not be travelling far, but you can do so enjoyably. No matter your landscaping situation, whether you have a forest or no shade at all, a motorized, retractable awning provides a year-round solution to some shade. No more sweating under the beating sun.

Window-ology is a local, Diamond Certified business in downtown Pleasanton, CA. We specialize in custom blinds, shades, shutters, drapery, and motorized, retractable awnings. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

We are the exclusive Northern California dealer for SunSetter Awnings, the number one manufacturer in the United States. We are an authorized dealer for Hunter Douglas, Norman Window Fashions, KE, and others.

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