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Bay Area SunSetter Awning Installation by Window-ology Pleasanton

Window-ology, the exclusive Northern California SunSetter Awnings dealer, installed this 12-foot motorized, retractable SunSetter awning at a Bay Area home. It features woven acrylic fabric in Western Red with a wave cut.

Awnings have many benefits, and this client in particular chose one in order to help regulate her home's temperature. In addition to patio shade, motorized retractable awnings can also block the sunlight coming into your home, slowing down the fading of furniture and floors.

At your awning installation, you can expect our two installers, Devin and Aaron, for the job. After they have mounted your awning to the wall or roof, they will then go over basic operational tips as well as common troubleshooting tips, along with answering any outstanding questions.

SunSetter awning, woven acrylic fabric in Western Red with wave cut, roof mount

A Window-ology installer stands on the back of his truck, filling his leather tool belt with supplies to install a custom motorized, retractable SunSetter awning at a home in the San Francisco Bay Area.
The Window-ology truck rack holds two shipping cylinders with SunSetter awnings inside.
Window-ology installers Devin and Aaron stand on their ladders in order to start drilling above the patio door.
An installer stands on his ladder to reach above the patio door, where the SunSetter retractable awning will be mounted.
A Window-ology installer drills into the wall of the home where the SunSetter awning will be installed. Dust falls to the ground as the drill makes headway into the ochre-colored facade.
A Window-ology installer applies silicone gel to the freshly-drilled holes in the wall where the awning will be mounted. This waterproofs the holes and protects the home from damage.
Window-ology installer Devin reaches behind him to hang his drill on his leather tool belt and swap it for his hammer.
A Window-ology installer kneels on the ground next to the SunSetter awning he will be installing. He adjusts a screw on the  awning arm.
Two Window-ology installers hoist the SunSetter awning over their shoulders and walk it to the house where they will install it over the glass patio door.
Window-ology installer Devin adjusts the motorized, retractable SunSetter awning as he attaches it to the mounting brackets.
Window-ology installer Aaron works to assemble the wiring and provide the SunSetter awning with a power source.
An up-close look at this SunSetter awning, which features a woven acrylic fabric in Western Red.
Window-ology installer Devin works around the wooden post of the customer's dog house to access the power outlet.
An installer prepares nails that will be used to fasten the power cord of the awning to the wall.
An installer kneels on the ground and reaches for supplies in his leather tool belt.
The installation for the SunSetter awning is complete. The motorized, retractable awning is fully extended and provides shade from the sunny day.

Window-ology is a local, Diamond Certified business in downtown Pleasanton, CA. We specialize in custom blinds, shades, shutters, drapery, and motorized, retractable awnings. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

We are the exclusive Northern California dealer for SunSetter Awnings, the number one manufacturer in the United States. We are an authorized dealer for Hunter Douglas, Norman Window Fashions, KE, and others.

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