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Breaking Down the Grandmillennial Aesthetic

"Grandmillenial" is making rounds on the Internet right now. If you're confused, it's pretty much how it sounds: Grandmother (or grandfather) in a millennial's body. We're going to breakdown the Grandmillenial aesthetic and show you how to achieve the look.

Photo by Tapete Rasch Freundin on Flickr

What is a Grandmillenial?

A Grandmillenial is typically between the ages of 20 to 30 years old with a penchant for all that is vintage, old-fashioned, and antique. House Beautiful even used the word "stuffy." In other words, they're not shopping for the clean, minimal lines and colors of Mid Century Modern that we're used to seeing. For them, it's all about the patterns, ruffles, colors, and textures. We might even be on the verge of classifying them as maximalists.

How can I achieve the Grandmillenial aesthetic?

First step, COLOR. You might lay down a neutral (like blue or cream), but after that, you need to choose color. Color and patterns — specifically floral or gingham — are a big part of this look. Think Laura Ashley or the fantastical scenes rendered by the legendary wallpaper house, de Gournay.

[See more design examples on Better Homes & Gardens, Apartment Therapy, and Food52.]

Second step, plushy furniture. Nice, plump, tufted sofas and chairs do the job. If you want to make it fancy, make it Louis XVI or some variation of Regency and/or Victorian. For a more '80s look, consider chintz, aka the chair skirt, and make it loud and floral.

Third step, decorations. Whip out the floral curtains, pile on the pudgy pillows, hang a sparkly chandelier, put the Tiffany lamp on the nightstand. See the direction we're going in? Doesn't hurt to put out a little Jadeite or a record player (or phonograph, if you're into those).

Where can I find furniture and décor in the Grandmillenial style?

Some good starting points include Charish, which made its mark for bringing the flea and antique market online. You'll find many a cozy couch on Wayfair (just remember: Color matters!) and even Target has a vintage section. Of course, we can't forget the best place for a dose of hand-made nostalgia: Etsy. Search for "chintz" and you won't be wanting for options.

What type of window treatments will achieve the Grandmillenial aesthetic?

We recommend some floral-patterned curtains or Roman/Austrian shades Drapery is flowy, while the shades lend some poof. If you don't want a floral overload, you can pick a solid color that complements your other décor.

While the Grandmillenial style may seem like an explosion of '80s floral patterns on really old furniture, it's more than that. It must be done with intention to be pulled off. As you decorate, keep consistency and flow in mind as you transition from room to room so that the design makes sense and is harmoniously extravagant, as opposed to a cacophony of color and clutter.

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