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Easy Décor Ideas to Add Life to Your Room

If you feel you've been staring too long at a drab room (hi, work-from-home), it may be time for a room refresh. Here are some room design ideas that can brighten and enliven your space. (And give you a great Zoom background.)

We thought about making recommendations for specific pieces of furniture and home accessories. However, we realized that one of the first choices we make when purchasing most things is the color.

No matter what you buy, you'll have to pick a color, so this is important. Knowing which colors go well together will help you pull together a cohesive look, instead of something that resembles a lava lamp.

To add a fresh, lively punch to any room, consider these colors.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are neutral for a reason. They go with everything and don't feel overpowering on their own. These colors make a great base for layering other colors on top. Follow the 60-30-10 design rule and you are good to go.

Light pours into a grey-blue room that features a monochromatic aesthetic. A gentle breeze blows the white curtain inside, where it grazes the white couch atop which sit fluffy blue and grey pillows. A square frame hangs on the wall featuring nine smaller photographs of blue doors.
Photo by Vinicius Amano on Unsplash

Blue is an obvious color in nature and a great base. What hasn't looked amazing against a bright sky or deep ocean background? You can opt for wall paint and furniture in a variety of shades, depending on the mood you want to set. A deep sapphire blue will evoke the intensity of the sea, while a sky blue will lend an optimistic, playful look.

A white-walled bedroom is accented with light wood furniture and beige linens. A wood dresser sits next to a small wood stool on which sits a leafy green potted plant. The bed is neatly made in beige-striped sheets. Light is gently filtered by the sheer taupe curtain in the back of the room.
Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

Brown, because of its association with dirt, may be inclined to qualify as a neutral, too. We'd opt for lighter tones like beige, which will reflect more light and give your space an airier feel. Anything that gives the illusion of a bigger room is a plus, especially if you have to be in it all day.

Accent Colors

While orange may not be top of mind, it does convey warmth and optimism, making it a lively accent color. (Too much orange can feel intense.) Good accent pieces include pillows, rugs, vases (for those green plants), chairs, even dishes in the kitchen.

A bright yellow chair sits surrounded by various potted plants in a white room with rich wooden floors. Light pours in through the wall of windows behind it.
Photo by Croissant on Unsplash

Same can go for yellow, the color of the sun. Bright and cheery, yellow screams exuberant joy. The same recommendations apply, and some other things to consider would be your window treatments (a sunny yellow shade, perhaps?), bedding, and other small furniture and accessories. Think nightstands, bookends, pencil holders...even the things you use on a daily basis like notebooks, pens, and sticky notes! They will exist in the room, too, so don't forget them.

Green can be an obvious choice, representing life and growth. Plants fall into this category — from succulents to orchids to leafy trees — they bring a bit of outside in.

A line of assorted leafy-green potted plants sit on a table in what is presumably a kitchen. Industrial, uncovered light fixtures hang above, creating a rustic look. The pots vary in size and shade as well, including blue-greys, greys, and blacks.
Photo by Vadim Kaipov on Unsplash

Furniture and Home Accessories

Now that you have a color guide, here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for furniture and other home accessories.

  1. Avoid clutter. Don't go ham buying everything you like. Make an intentional plan to buy only what you need. You'll also avoid feeling overwhelmed after a pile of goods arrive at your door, needing to be assembled.

  2. If you are buying furniture, choose pieces that are compact and light. A space can feel more lively and refreshing when you have the impression of light and air flowing through it. Dark, heavy furniture can give the sense that things are weighed down.

  3. Always keep in mind the 60-30-10 rule. Buy larger items (and/or paint) in your base color. Choose medium and small accessories and goods (pillows, bedding, kitchenware, towels...) for your accent colors. For balance, they should not exceed 30 percent for the first accent color and 10 percent for the second one.

We hope these tips were helpful and that you are inspired to give your space a little lift and zing. Happy decorating!

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