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How to Incorporate Cottagecore Aesthetic into Your Home

Sourdough bread. Prairie dresses. English countryside aesthetics. Welcome to Cottagecore, another design movement that enjoying, like its counterpart the Grandmillenial, a surge in popularity, especially with younger people. (It's trending high on TikTok.)

The Cottagecore aesthetic is tied to the concept of a rural, agrarian life. Many liken it to Little House on the Prairie, but Pride and Prejudice has be associated, too.

While it is more so a community than anything else, if you're wanting a little Cottagecore in your life and home, here are a few suggestions.

An illustration of the Cottagecore aesthetic: A stone country cottage with a tiled roof sits in full sun at the end of a gravel lane. Blooming bushes and flowers drape and cover parts of the facade, and a forest of trees looms in behind the house.
Photo by Gibbon FitzGibbon on Unsplash

Bring in the plants.

Since one of the key elements of Cottagecore aesthetic is the throwback to rural life, bring some greenery into your home. Plants that are flowy (as opposed to structured, like succulents) will lend the feeling of calm and relaxation. Good places to start? Ferns and wildflowers (poppies, coneflowers, cornflowers, yarrow, anemone, columbine, daffodils, and violets) will get you in the picnic mood in no time.

Countrify the colors, furniture, and decor.

If living in a stone cottage on the edge of a wildflower field or friendly forest (in our imagination!), we might toss the prevalent Modernist design (made prolific by Ikea) for something a little more kitschy. Think earthy tones but with floral prints (a great reference is the "prairie dress" that is now all the rage). A moody edit to the vibrant floral colors, and nothing too ostentatious. Where Grandmillenial-ism walks the line between tasteful modern and too many loud and large patterns, Cottagecore is, at the core (ha!), all about simplicity.

How to Incorporate Cottagecore into Window Treaments.

Take a page from tip number two. Choose an earthier, more muted tone, and if you want patterns, stick to quiet and calm plant and floral patterns. Shades (honeycomb, Roman, Austrian, etc.) and drapery will have the most options, and add the soothing softness to a room.

And there you have it, three ways to incorporate Cottagecore aesthetic into your home design. You might not be able to escape to the countryside, but you can bring it in — and maybe use the backyard (or living room rug) as a picnic spot.

Vox and the New York Times provided some background information for this article.

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