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Popular Wall Decor Ideas

Blank space on the wall? Wanting to bring balance to a room? Let your personality shine? Here are five suggestions for wall decor ideas sure to infuse your room with life and character.

Wall Mirrors

Mirrors have two advantages. The first is that they can make a space feel bigger, the reflection giving the allusion that there is more to the room than in reality. The second is that they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Left: An oval mirror with a gold trim hangs on a millennial blush pink wall. A leafy, potted palm in the right corner casts a shadow on the wall. A simple wooden stool sits to the left of the plant. Right: Many mirrors of all sizes hang on a black wall. The light that pours into the room splashes off the glasses, illuminating a table at a restaurant. The glasses and menus sit, waiting for the next patrons.
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels / Photo by Mister Mister from Pexels

Try hanging several (or many) smaller mirrors on the same wall. It won't quite be the "Hall of Mirrors" effect, but it will provide visual interest. You could also go for a show-stopping larger mirror. Of course, the possibility for trims is quite vast. From heavy, ornate, gold-plated wood for a nod to European opulence, to clean lines of Modernism and the lacquer and jade of Asia, the many materials ensure that you find something to suit your style. Just make sure your wall will support the weight. Mirrors are a great addition to your bathroom wall decor, or an unexpected living room addition.

Macrame Wall Hangings

This '60s trend is making a comeback, spanning everything from the traditional wall hangings to wine bottle bags, coasters, light fixtures, and even jewelry.

Macrame abounds on sites such as Etsy, where you'll find wall hangings in every size, shape, and color you could possibly think of. If, however, you want to get crafty yourself, the activity requires very little beyond your string of choice and your hands. The low upfront costs make it accessible to anyone curious to try. These are great as bedroom wall art, in the foyer, or living room.

A small, white macrame wall hanging lays against a multi-colored, striped knitted blanket. A ball of yarn and macrame instructional book sit to the left of the wall hanging.
Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

Prints, Posters, Paintings

Of course, good old prints, paintings, and posters have their place, too. It all comes down to personal taste. Grand landscapes, local illustrated art, photographs of faraway places, and painted still lives...just don't forget a frame to compliment it.

You could either go for many small artworks, a combination of sizes, or large statement pieces. Take your other decor into consideration as you decide on how to arrange the pieces.

Plants, Garlands, and Wreaths

Plants don't live in pots alone! Some dry quite nicely, making for excellent wreaths, garlands, and other wall hangings. Eucalyptus, lavender, and the very trendy pampas grass are some plants that dry well. And, we can't forget the easy and pleasing succulent and cacti. Minimal watering and other care means you're sure to succeed. A simple wreath or bouquet would do well in the bathroom or study.

Left: A small bouquet of lavender, held together with some brown cooking twine, lays against whitewashed wood paneling. Right: A hefty bouquet of pampas grass sits in a tan an black patterned vase against a light beige wall. Sunlight hitting the pampas casts a shadow on thew all.
Photo by Darina Baranová from Pexels, Photo by Amina Filkins from Pexels

Wooden Wall Hangings

Paneling, lattice, driftwood, can get surprisingly creative with wooden wall decor. Different shapes, scenes, and patterns abound, including wood types and colors. From intense mahogany to lighter bahati wood, the element can blend with a variety of styles and tastes. Think about making it a statement piece in a bedroom or living room.

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