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Real Homes & Projects: Plantation Shutters in Pleasanton

A few weeks ago, we installed these plantation shutters in Pleasanton. When it comes to shutters, you have a two options, real wood or composite wood. Composite shutters, also known as plantation shutters, come exclusively in white. Real wood shutters come in different shades that show of a nice, textured grain.

When choosing shutters for your home, something to keep in mind is the light and color. As plantation shutters are white, they will bounce a lot of light. Real wood shutters, with their darker shade, will absorb more light, creating a darker ambience. If you are considering shutters as the window treatment solution for your home, connect with one of our designers for a complimentary consultation.

Two dark leather couches form an L shape in a living room. The hardwood floor is covered by a floral-patterned blue rug. The windows have plantation shutters mounted into their frames. The room is accented by a potted tree in the left corner.
Two windows in front of a round glass dining room table feature plantation shutters with split tilt wands.
Three dark leather couches form an L shape in a living room. The windows are covered by white plantation shutters. A potted tree sits in the back left corner and a large, framed painting of a lion hangs on the back wall above the middle couch.

Window-ology is a local, Diamond Certified business in downtown Pleasanton, CA. We specialize in custom blinds, shades, shutters, drapery, and motorized, retractable awnings. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

We are the exclusive Northern California dealer for SunSetter Awnings, the number one manufacturer in the United States. We are an authorized dealer for Hunter Douglas, Norman Window Fashions, KE, and others.

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