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Tips for an Extra-Clean House During COVID

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Since we're all staying indoors a little more nowadays, our houses are getting a lot more use. Here are three tips for keeping an extra-clean home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clean the High-Touch Surfaces

There are the obvious culprits, like doorknobs, and the sneaky ones, like our phones, keyboards, and video game consoles. With research suggesting that your phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat, it's not a bad idea to give it a once-over with a disinfectant wipe at the end of the day. Same for all the other things you touch often but may not think about cleaning: Keyboard and mouse; video came consoles; refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, and cupboard handles; stair bannisters, faucets, and even things outside your home, like the car steering wheel.

Photo by Nino Maghradze on Unsplash

Keep Shoes by the Front Door

Let's face it. Shoes, no matter how pretty and sleek, are a bit disgusting. Think of all the places you've trekked — and where everyone else has stepped (or, alternatively, what everyone else has stepped on) before sharing real estate with your shoes.

With all the things that the sidewalk sees in a day, it's safe to say you don't want that in your home, where kids sit on the floor to play and do homework; babies crawl; and pets scamper with their noses to the ground.

Keeping your shoes by the front door can help minimize the dirt and germs that track into your home.

Wash Your Hands

Might seem obvious, but if it were, governments wouldn't have to run campaigns on proper hand washing technique.

Photo by Jason Jarrach on Unsplash

The first thing you should do when you enter your home (besides leaving your shoes by the door) is wash your hands. You may have sanitized a thousand times throughout the day, but while sanitizer disinfects, it doesn't remove the grime. A good washing with warm, soapy water can clean and rinse away the germs.

What about air-purifying plants?

Houseplants are enjoying a surge in popularity, but be weary of claims that they will purify the air. While they may look beautiful, the science doesn't quite add up.

According to this article in the Atlantic, the difference in your home's or office's air quality with the addition of an air-purifying plant is negligible — to even reach a justifiable level of efficacy, the article states, you would need one plant for every square foot of your space. In a well-ventilated office, the number goes up to 10.

While they may not be as efficient as we have been led to believe, they definitely bring the boost of greenery and life to a room!

So there you have it — our tips for a home that's a little cleaner during this pandemic. Stay happy, healthy, and safe!

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