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What Is Japandi Interior Design?

For those who appreciate the classic, sleek lines of Mid-Century Modern, Japandi is the next design trend that's winning hearts—and interiors. According to Yelp's 2022 home trend forecast, Japandi design is trending up 27 percent.

minimalist white wall. a light-colored wood console table holds a ceramic vase with dried plants, a book, and abstract framed artwork. an example of Japandi interior design.
Photo by PNW Production from Pexels

What Is Japandi?

Per the report, Japandi interior design marries the "Scandinavian functionality and Japanese rustic minimalism to create a feeling of art, nature, and simplicity." Therefore, the name itself is a combination of Japan and Scandinavia. The guiding arc shares the same elements for which Ikea was made famous: minimalist design principles.

What then, is a key differentiator between Mid-Century-Modern and Japandi style? It's the connection to nature. Japandi focuses on natural materials, as well as colors. Think warm and muted tones—nothing too wild nor harking to the days of Hollywood Regency around here. However, it is also important to note that, as Ashley Knierim writes for The Spruce, "Japandi design isn't sparse—it's intentional."

Japandi interior design kitchen. Black, sleek dining chairs around a light-colored wood dining table. marble backsplash and streamlined countertops.
Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Japandi Is Sleek and Nature-Focused

This mashup design style focuses on craftsmanship—which means you should splurge on some nice furniture, if you want. Where Nordic design is often seen as rustic, Japanese design brings a certain sleekness, plus the warmer colors which contrast with a crisp Scandinavian palette, preventing it from feeling stark, cold, and uninviting.

With its emphasis on nature, Japandi welcomes not only natural materials in furniture and decor, but plants and greenery, too. As biophilia takes off on Pinterest, it's no surprise that this element of Japandi fits right in with the trends.

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