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What Is Maximalist Decor?

We've all heard of minimalism. The clean, utilitarian lines and designs of the mid century were popularized by Ikea, and have remained loved for decades. However, there's its counterpart, maximalism, that doesn't quite receive the credit it is due. And, it's probably not what you think. Here are a few ways you can embrace the maximalist aesthetic.

white living room covered with a gallery wall of artwork, a blue rug, a grey velvet sofa, and chairs
Photo by Vincent Rivaud from Pexels

What Is Maximalism?

Contrary to what it may sound like, maximalism isn't about stuffing as much as you possibly can into a room. The key to making it work harmoniously (instead of having a cacophony of colors, textures, and shapes), is intentionality.

Maximalism is bold where minimalism demands neutral colors and clean lines. It's bold in pattern, in color, in shape, in materials, to make something that The Spruce describes as eclectic and over-the-top.

How To Incorporate Maximalism Into Your Window Treatments

Remember, the key to a successful maximalist aesthetic is intentionality so that you can create something eclectic. A good first step is to choose a base color. Unlike minimalism, where the base color can dominate every aspect of design, a base color in maximalism can serve more so as a guide and a theme.

Once you've settled on a thematic color, you can start to look for patterns and textures that either are said color, have hints of it that will tie it back to the theme, or compliment it in some way. For example, you might select a lavender as your base color, and find some yellow velvet chairs. Then, you might choose some window treatments, like drapery, that incorporate yellow into a pattern.

Since more is more here, don't hesitate to mix patterns, too. The key, again, would be to tie everything together by the color scheme. If you have a lavender wall and yellow chairs, but also want gingham or chintz, have a little yellow, lavender, or both in those patterns (plus a neutral, which never hurts to tone things down).

When it come to decor and art, the more ostentatious, the better. It's not just about color; go for texture and shape that will create at once visual interest but still compliment the room. One way to keep things harmonious, however, is to think about the style you're decorating in. Maximalism can apply to anything, rather than being in a category on its own. Are you doing mid-century modern shapes? Maybe you like classical, traditional lines, or farmhouse. You can let the style dictate what type of art and decor you look for.

Guilded gold frames would do well in a more traditional or Regency setting. Warhol might have fun in a mid-century space. Contemporary art will provide juxtaposition in a farmhouse setting.

Of course, this is all just a start. The best way to get inspired? Go look at what others are dreaming up, and you'll soon find that many things are possible...with a little intention.


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