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What is MidCentury Modern Design and How Do I Replicate It?

It's not a secret that culturally, the country (and maybe the world) is having a nostalgic moment. The '90s are back, and Gen Z-ers who weren't even alive then are trying their best to replicate the "'90s kid" vibe.

Nostalgia hasn't just creeped its way into fashion and culture. It's been hot in interior decorating, too. Case en point: Mid-Century Modern.

Color explodes in this sitting room. A sapphire-blue leather couch hugs the left wall. Above it is a long rectangular painting featuring mountains of various heights depicted in multi-colored triangles. A fuzzy, red-orange rug runs the length of the floor. A guitar sits in the left corner and a multi-tiered wooded shelf holds several vases. On the right side, a vintage lamp sits on a dresser between two modular houndstooth chairs.
Photo by Jens Behrmann on Unsplash

What is Mid-Century Modern?

This style is characterized by the utilitarian, clean, functional lines of the 1930s-1960s and bright, fun patterns and styles. It reached peak in the post-war era, as industrial materials became widely available and inexpensive.

This article from House Beautiful explains it well. Think functional and efficient on top of beauty. In the time that Mid-Century Modern took off, we were in the Space Age, a period of key scientific discoveries (think nuclear physics and molecular chemistry), and an explosion of science fiction. All these factors influenced design.

Left: A white, single-story mid-century house is accented by a bright pink door and a cluster of towering palm trees against a clear blue sky. Right: The camera peeks into a dining room. Light spills from the left window onto the white table, which is surrounded by black chairs. The furniture embodies the mid century style with clean, simple, functional lines and forms.
Left: Photo by Marisol Benitez on Unsplash Right: Photo by Mike Marquez on Unsplash

How to Achieve Mid-Century Modern Style Through Window Fashions

If you're redecorating and replacing your window treatments, roller shades and Roman shades can help you achieve the Mid-Century Modern look, according to one of our designers, Tracy. Sleek, futuristic, functional. If you want a true 1950s vibe, go for color — bright and bold for a nod to Pop Art.

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