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Commercial Products

No job is too large for Window-ology! We do work for all types of businesses; restaurants, schools, banks, city, county, state offices, hotels, retail stores and hospitals... you name it, we do it. We have sold and installed jobs of 100s of shades. We take our job seriously, we carry $5M in Liability Insurance and are licensed, bonded and insured.

Our commercial customers include: The Rose Hotel, Equinox, City of Brentwood, City of Pleasanton, Park & Recreations Pleasanton, Delta Family Dental - Oakley Ca, Black Mountain Properties, One Planet, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Cal Berkeley, Oasis Restaurant

Introducing SecurShade

Window-ology is the West-Coast distributor for SecurShade, a new patented security system that functions as both a commercial-grade window treatment and as a first-alert security shade to thwart active shooters.

How SecurShade security window treatments work

SecurShade window treatments are designed to be energy-efficient, practical window coverings operated manually when not in an emergency situation.

However, should such an event occur, the shades’ emergency setting can be activated at the touch of a button, via remote or the SecurShade app. If implemented, the operator has the power to lower either the shades in their room or all shades on the property within four seconds.

Additionally, when activated, SecurShade opens a two-way line of communication, allowing those at risk to quietly alert administrators and police, who are able to pinpoint the location of the distress signal.   

Who security shades are for

Founder and inventor Gordon Clements developed SecurShade security window treatments after losing a friend in a school shooting. While he created these security shades with schools in mind, SecurShade can be employed in many different settings, including houses of worship, government buildings, research labs, and Planned Parenthood clinics.

How to buy SecurShade security window treatments 

SecurShade was created for commercial applications but is available to the public as well. If you would like to inquire about installing SecurShade at your organization or property, please contact us and mention it in your inquiry. 


“A teacher’s highest and best use should be directed to providing an optimum learning experience, and not worrying about how they will provide cover for the kids in the event of an active shooter event. This is the inspiration behind SECURSHADE.” - founder and inventor Gordon Clements

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