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Plantation Shutters: Everything You Need to Know

Plantation shutters might just win the award for the best window treatment, according to our office. If you value durability, added home value, and simplicity, shutters are the window treatment for you.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters: Durability and Curb Appeal

One endearing quality to shutters is the durability. According to our installer, Matt, it's the best product because it will last forever unless purposefully damaged. No worrying about crusty fabrics and brittle cords with shutters.

Shutters also boost your home's value and curb appeal as a permanent structure to the house. Unline blinds, shades, and drapery which can be easily de-installed and replaced, shutters are mounted into frames and aren't going anywhere. Plus, the smooth white finish of plantation (composite) shutters will blend in with any style.

Two leather couches hug the walls of a beige room. A tall potted tree is sitting in the corner next to windows covered by composite, split tilt Norman shutters.

Shutters Come with Lots of Options

Though there are over 100 frame options, the most common are the two-inch deco frame (the most popular door trim) and the Z frame on windows. While it may seem like there's not much to shutters compared to the other window treatments, frames are important as you can (and probably want to) match them to the rest of your home. (Think door trim and casing.)

The louver (slat) sizes also vary, and there is the option for split tilt to maintain both privacy and take advantage of natural light. The split tilt feature allows you to maneuver half of the louvers at a time. For example, you can tilt the bottom louvers closed while keeping the top ones open.

Shutters Are Easy to Maintain

Shutters are also easy to clean and maintenance free. They're also not prone to defects, hence their durability. Additionally, while other window treatments have size limitations, shutters offer a seamless solution for larger or odd-shaped windows. Shutters can cover French doors, arches, angle-top windows, circles...even hexagons (which Matt said he has seen). We are also able to color match and/or find specific woods to suit your style.

Bypass shutters are installed to cover a sliding glass door. The shutters are made by Norman and feature invisitilt and split tilt.

Setting Expectations with Plantation Shutters

While we love shutters (if it's not yet obvious), there are, however, a few things to take note of. Shutters come in both real and composite (plantation) wood. When it comes to real wood, there will be natural defects in terms of colors and textures, since trees do not uniformly manufacture themselves.

We do disclose that as part of proper care, shutter panels cannot be left fully open for extended periods of time. The hinges on which they are mounted are not built to sustain the weight in that manner. Additionally, we will also tell you that shutters are not a blackout window treatment solution (there will be light gaps between the louvers) and that if your windows are not uniform throughout the home, the frames may not match. (An example would be having both tilt and slider windows; each would require a different frame.)

Lastly, we do not recommend wood shutters in humid areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Real wood is prone to warping, and composite shutters do better in these spaces. We will also not mount a shutter behind a faucet, as there is typically not enough space to swing open the shutter panel.

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