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Featured Product: All About Motorized, Retractable Awnings with Ryan

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Awnings are a great way to get some shade in your backyard, enjoy your patio, prevent sun damage to furniture and flooring, and cut down on the air conditioning bill.

In our newest video, our Sales Manager, Ryan, addresses some common questions about awnings and goes over their different features.

What brand of awnings do you sell?

We are a dealer for KE and the exclusive Northern California dealer for SunSetter Awnings. SunSetter is the number one manufacturer in the United States. Both brands carry motorized and manual retractable awnings.

What are common awning dimensions?

The smallest awning width is normally eight feet wide and the widest is 20 feet wide.

Projection (how far it extends from your home) is pre-determined by the width.

For example, an eight-foot awning projects seven feet. A 20-foot awning can project up to 15 feet.

How can I operate my awning? Are awnings motorized?

Awnings are motorized, but can be operated manually. The manual override is useful if you experience loss of power.

Both options allow you to incrementally extend your awning. If your awning is motorized, you can extend it by remote control, pausing it as needed to achieve the ideal extension.

How will you mount the awning to my home?

There are three ways to mount an awning: Wall mount, rafter mount, and roof mount.

All awnings require studs and rafters to anchor them to your home. During the installation, we weather seal everything (because we don't want any damage to your home!).

With the wall mount, we will hit the stud in the center. Rafter mount requires attaching the awning under the eaves to the rafter beams. When doing a roof mount, we will only mount on the overhang.

We will not install over a living space, because it is difficult to detect water damage, should it, in the rare case, happen. By the time the leak is discovered, you will have experienced significant damage to your ceiling.

What is pitch and how do I adjust it?

Pitch is the angle at which your awning hangs from your home. We want the front rail of your awning to be suspended around seven feet. This allows for ample space for taller folks, while being low enough to provide proper shade.

Pitch is adjustable, but requires minimum two people. (See our video for reference.) Make sure the awning is adjusted to your preferences before your installer leaves.

Do awnings come in different colors?

Yes, there are many fabrics from which you can choose, for whatever design you are thinking of. There are also optional accessories that can give you awning personalization and pop.

Window-ology is a local, Diamond Certified business in downtown Pleasanton, CA. We specialize in custom blinds, shades, shutters, drapery, and motorized, retractable awnings. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

We are the exclusive Northern California dealer for SunSetter Awnings, the number one manufacturer in the United States. We are an authorized dealer for Hunter Douglas, Norman Window Fashions, KE, and others.

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